Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Voices of the Year

I probably definitely should have mentioned this two weeks ago, but I have two posts nominated for BlogHer13's Voices of the Year Award.

If you aren't a BlogHer account holding member, you can tune out now.

If you are, and you're interested in voting, here are my two posts, both of which appeared originally in this space:

A Mamma Looks at Forty: Why turning the too-often-dreaded forty is a great thing, from both family and career perspectives. Hint: People start to believe you mean what you say.

The other post addresses why women who have taken years off to focus on raising kids should stop complaining about the difficulty of re-entering the workforce and instead: Run. For. Office.

BlogHer members: I'd be thrilled if you'd read my nominated posts and consider voting for them.


  1. I feel insanely stupid for being a blog reader for 6 years and writer for over 3 and never joining BlogHer, which I just did, thanks to this post, so thank you!

    40 is so in my rear-view mirror as I celebrate 47 on Saturday. 50 is up ahead and around the bend. FWIW, I loved turning 40 and hope to feel the same about 50.

    1. Happy birthday! Don't feel stupid. I don't think it's necessary for bloggers to join anything. I've stumbled upon many of my favorites on my lonesome. It can be a great networking tool, if used well, something I haven't been doing, as evidenced by this post!